Where to start after Week 3 of supervised machine learning?

I was excited about real-world applications of machine learning at the introduction of the course. One such application I intended to put into practice was classifying news articles. Given a bunch of articles, I wanted to classify them under a given title, if related or not. Algorithms such as Cosine Similarity should do the job, but I think my use case will be way too slow.

After week 3, which was on classification, where do I start here? I see down the road in the specialization track there is the advanced machine learning algorithms. That may be the course I need to take before starting this application of mine. Is that true, or with what I have now from week 3 of classification(logistic regression) enough to embark on this news article classification?

You need a course on natural language processing (NLP).

DeepLearning.AI has one.

DLAI also has the Deep Learning Specialization, which covers a lot of advanced topics in a fair amount of depth.

Thank you @TMosh. I will complete the specialization first and then take the deep learning specialization.