Where to start ML career

Hello people,
I’m new in AI/ML and want to learn the development of custom object tracking models like ‘Mediapipe, Visage, BRF-V or Firebase vision’ but I don’t know where to start. Please give me a start point so I can get into the ML development field.

Hey @AmazingAbhishek,
Welcome to the community, and we are glad that you have decided to start with your AI and ML journey. I have never really explored Custom Object Tracking Models myself, but I guess, they must have their roots lying in the ideas, concepts and algorithms of Object Detection and Object Localization.

  • Now, if you are completely new with AI and ML, and want to learn step-by-step, pursuing the latest Machine Learning Specialization and then the Deep Learning Specialization, might be a good choice.
  • However, if you have basic knowledge about Machine Learning, or you want to pick that up as you go, starting directly with the Deep Learning Specialization might also be a good choice.
  • And if you have basic knowledge of Deep Learning, and want to jump directly in Object Detection and Object Localization, you can start directly with the Convolutional Neural Networks: 4th Course of Deep Learning Specialization. It won’t teach you about custom object tracking models, but it will lay down the foundations for you, and then from there, you can learn these by yourself using various resources from the web.

Let me know if this helps.



In addition to what @Elemento said, I would point the nice course TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques Specialization where you will learn about localization and object tracking. But I agree that at least basic knowledge will help a lot.
Keep learning!