Which area of machine learning to focus on based on interests?


I want to work on concrete world problems to solve using machine learning. The areas I want to work in are:

  • Optimizing traffic routes
  • Water treatment systems
  • Waste treatment centers
  • Simulation environment for government decisions (im not sure this exists, but the idea would be to anticipate the consequences of new laws, budgets, for example)
  • Video games/ creating more immersive game experience

The type of work that I’m interested the most in is to design, developping & integrating machine learning prototypes. Transforming proof-of-concepts and prototypes into minimum viable products.

I’ve been studying machine learning for a couple of months now and my question is:

Given what I want to work in, where should I specialize in?
Supervised, unsupervised, RL, other sub-domains maybe? Data visualization? Computer vision, other?

Thanks for your help!