Which course resources will I be able to access after subscription ends?

So, I guess that after subscription end, then I won’t be able to access course materials.

What exactly course materials I won’t be able to access? Readings, quizzes, graded and non graded external tools?

So, if I won’t be able to access graded and non graded external tools, what’s best way to save informations that was used in these tools, to just save name of tools, like for example “Autoscaling TensorFlow Model Deployments with TF Serving and Kubernetes” and then google that? It seems that it’s easier then screenshot whole materials of tools.

Hi Luka! Sorry for the late reply. You should still be able to access the non-graded parts of the course after your subscription ends. If you want the Qwiklabs for reference, you can indeed search for the titles on their website. You can see the instructions but there is a fee if you want to use their GCP resources. Hope this helps.

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Hi Chris, hope the community access would be available too (after the subscription ends)?

Hi Chetna. Yes, you can still access the community after the subscription ends. Glad you want to stay here!

That’s great, thanks.