Which type of Neural network taught in first week

My question is which type of neural network is taught in the first week as if found only neural network intuitions in slides?

What exactly do you mean by “what type of neural network”?

I mean feedForward NN, multilayer perceptron etc.
And i want to clear that can i make thyroid disease detection system using NN that was taught

Have you watched the videos in the “Neural network model” portion of Week 1?

Technically the NN’s in this course are fully-connected Dense layers.

A NN can (in theory) implement any complex relationship between features and outputs. Whether it works for a specific situation depends on the quality of the training set and the sophistication of the model you create.

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I did not start Advance learning algo course yet, i just go through over slides, actually i want to make my project on NN but i am too confuse to choose which type of NN for my Thyroid disease project.
Kindly guide me about my project i choosed dataset from UCI repo.

Going through slides alone is not sufficient.

Hi, @Tayyab_Shafiq my suggestion for you is to start with the one that’s easier for you, then you can add things to your initial test, don’t be paralyzed by the number of options out there, just pick the simple one and see why it work and why it doesn’t work and build your project using that logic.

I hope this helps!

I recommend you complete the first two weeks of the MLS course before you attempt your own project.