Why without optional exercise I can't pass week 1 programming assignment?

week 1 optional exercie is “2.6 Vectorized NumPy Model Implementation (Optional)”. But without this exercise I got only 66/100 score. Isn’t it called optional exercise because it’s not required to complete for passing the exam?

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Hi, @German1
Yes, you are right! If it is optional, you don’t need to do it to pass. So, please check the output message for any warning in the assignment. It would help if you could post the output here.

I’ll submit a report about this to the course authors. I agree that it’s confusing that Section 2.6 says “optional” but Exercise 3 (which is contained in the Sect 2.6 outline) is a graded function.

I think it’s just a matter of how the page is formatted. You can implement Exercise 3 using any method you like - what’s optional is whether you use numpy functions.

Thanks, @TMosh!

It’s also confusing that Exercise 3 requires to use matrix multiplication that is optional topic in the course. And it doesn’t make sense to implement it using method I like, because this implementation is done in Exercise 2. So, I think it’s not a matter of how the page is formatted. Even if we move this Exercise 3 to the required Section it will suppose to implement function using optional information.

The grader does not care how you implement the code. It only tests the return values.

I highly recommend you to understand all the optional videos throughout the specialization and do all the optional exercises as they are very helpful.

Totally agree with you, Osama! I’ve already finished it. The exercise was helpful.

I was concerned only about correctness of the content.
For example if I declare variable “someRandomNumber” I don’t expect to assign string type to it.
Same with the optional exercise. If it’s optional - I don’t expect it to be required. That’s the only my point - to make the content correct (remove optional label and make it required or remove it from assessment).

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That will be looked into and will be taken into consideration, thank you for informing us.