Wk 3 Assignment Having many technical issues

I am encountering countless problems with the external grading tool for week 3 of this course (“Optimize ML Models and Deploy Human-in-the-Loop Pipelines”). Yesterday, it failed to run code that did not depend on any of my inputs (just the templated/starter code), and marked nearly everything I input wrong, (even the glaringly obvious and simple). Thought it might be buggy, so tried again to day… after numerous attempts where the tool failed to open completely, when it finally did open, I could not copy the assignment materials into Sagemaker.

aws s3 cp --recursive s3://dlai-practical-data-science/labs/c3w3-301566/ ./

bash: aws: command not found

…what is going on?

It may be because of network / server issue. Have you tried now.

This assignment has been having numerous issues for over a week now, so I don’t think it is (just) a network problem. Today, the lab once again refuses to even load. On the rare occasions when it does successfully load, the grader seems to be having issues (C3W3 test 14 - taskObject - #15 by damian). So, I have now wasted a week trying in vain to make progress, with no explanation as to what the problem is, let alone a solution.

Please note that this has not been an issue on any of the previous assignments for any of the other assignments in the specialization… just this one.

Hi @damian
this is the MLEP Course3 community. I guess you are on the wrong forum. I guess that you should use the PDS Course3 community

…ok, will try again.
I find navigating this site a little counterintuitive…

@fabioantonini : apologies – I don’t know how I ended up here… just frustrated because I have been trying to resolve this issue for a week now.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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