Wrong answer!

I asked if the following prompts are positive or not!
“It was bad!”
“It was not bad!”
Both of them have been considered as negative sentiments.

how come!

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“bad” has a negative context.
“not” is also a negative context.

Generative methods do not understand the concept of “two negatives make a positive”.

So what should we do? It makes a lot of biases, no one right a correct formal sentence for a comment!

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Always be cautious in relying on the output of any generative AI.


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When we work on a sentiment analysis project or such, there is some common issues that we have to handle in order to get a more accuracy results. Sarcasm and negative polarity is a couple of it.

This article explain some concepts and complexity to use it and make sure your model works well under this kind of problems.

I hope this help

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