Wrong validation images names but code works!

hi in the lab : Get hands-on and use validation (Lab 2) of w4 , names of horses in validation set are correctly named as the instructor required and still the code works well
why ?


What do you mean?

val horses and training horses images are named in the same way ;we should for example add prefix :val_ to each name image in val set

VAL SET HORSES: [‘horse4-345.png’, ‘horse5-018.png’, ‘horse2-201.png’, ‘horse5-519.png’, ‘horse5-504.png’, ‘horse4-043.png’, ‘horse5-275.png’, ‘horse1-276.png’, ‘horse1-455.png’, ‘horse6-153.png’]

TRAIN SET HORSES: [‘horse43-5.png’, ‘horse12-5.png’, ‘horse28-9.png’, ‘horse08-6.png’, ‘horse02-9.png’, ‘horse36-9.png’, ‘horse36-5.png’, ‘horse37-1.png’, ‘horse45-7.png’, ‘horse19-0.png’]

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