Yolo for cam video

@brianozix: it looks like you have an old version of the notebook. My code for yolo_non_max_suppression looks nothing like that. If you are bringing a saved notebook forward from the old version of the course, that just doesn’t work. The old course was based on TF1 and in April 2021 it got seriously upgraded to TF2. As ai_curious pointed out above, those two are very different.

Your best bet is to rename your current notebook out of the way and use the procedure on the FAQ Thread to get a fresh copy. I’d advise deleting all the “dot py” files as well, so that you get fresh matching copies of everything.

Then you have to read the new notebook carefully and compare it to the old one. You’ll find all kinds of differences. You can salvage some of your work from the old version, but it has to be done very carefully. They even changed some of the API definitions of the functions you are building, which has nothing to do with the TF1 to TF2 conversion. Extreme care is required.

Or I guess the other possibility is that there is something seriously weird in the configuration of your account and you’re actually in the old version of the course. But I literally don’t think that’s possible anymore.