Your assignment has not been graded yet

I have completed the lab and submitted it but saw an error “Your assignment has not been graded yet.”
Pls, help with the grading.

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Welcome to the community .

When i was doing this course i verified that my assessment is submitted or not by viewing submission report or grades section on first time submission if didn’t work then resubmit. You can do the same or wait for some minutes then reload and check on coursera grades section too.

I have been trying this for three days straight and no luck. There is something wrong with the tool, I have already seen three new different threads reporting this issue. Could someone helps us with this? It is really ruining the learning experience.

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@bisht please ask someone to look into this and fix the error/bug with the tools. With all the threads about the same problem so many students are having, I’m sure there is an issue with the tool that needs to be fixed. We’ve tried everything for days, from deleting files on S3, rerunning notebook, redoing assignments, trying so many browsers, but nothing worked. If you could escalate this problem to the engineers who could fix this I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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I also have that problem ,