Your lab is starting....Please wait!

Hey there,
I have been waiting for over an hour after pressing on AWS (top-left), but I get only this message:
Your lab is starting…Please wait
and the lab never opens.
How can I solve the problem?

Hello Azzam,

Is AWS icon turning in green ?

Hi @bisht,

No, it keeps being red.

Please, how can I solve this problem? over six hours have passed now while waiting

Maybe if you installed some extensions in your browser you can remove them and then refresh or sign in browser again , i am not sure this will help or not.
@esanina can you please look in this matter .

@Azzam_Radman Which lab do you have problems with - Week 1? Could you please confirm it, so I can submit this issue to the technical team. Thank you!

Thank you @bisht and @esanina for your response.
Yes, exactly it is the lab of the first week. I have cleaned the history of all time including cookies and passwords on firefox, however it didn’t work. I also cleaned the data and cookies on google chorme and tried it and it didn’t work as well.

@Azzam_Radman thank you, I submitted the issue to the technical team, but it might take a couple of days to work it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you very much. I think it has been resolved. Once cleaning Google Chrome and opening it from there it worked well.

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Hi @esanina i’m having similar issue, the AWS icon is always showing yellow, and if I click on it, it says ‘Your lab is starting…Please wait’. How long doe it take to spin up? Is it because my work laptop blocked it? Thanks.

@Lu_Liu could you please tell me in which course and lab do you have this issue and what is your coursera email or id (you can send it in a private message). I can refresh the lab for you. Thank you.

hi @esanina , sorry my bad, after i clean the browser cache, it seems to be working, just took some time to turn green, thanks.

@Lu_Liu that’s good to hear. Happy Learning!

Hi @esanina i started my lab today but it turned into red, when i click on ‘start’, it says account is still in cleanup, can you please help? thanks. (i’ll send my email to direct message)

@Lu_Liu I refreshed the lab for you.

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Hi @esanina, I’m having issues starting my week 2 lab. The light is perpetually yellow and the timing on the right stays on 00:00. Can you help?

@annasxu which course and lab do you have problems with? Could you please send me your Coursera username / email in a private message. Thank you!

Hi @esanina , can you please help me? I am trying to do my Practical data science course 1, week 3 assignment. I tried to start lab 3 times today, my two hours start and finish but AWS circle turns from yellow to red and never green. And it writes to me “Your lab is starting…Please wait”.