Your total lab usage time of 480 minutes has exceeded the total allocated time of 480 minutes

Please staff members or teachers assist us!

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I have the same problem and agree with you. Instructors – please resolve. It’s not possible to pass this course without passing all the assignments, which is impossible if we’re are locked out.


I also faced the same issue and waiting for the staff members to clear the issue so that I can complete the exercise. Don’t know when they will help us.

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I moved on to courses 2 and 3 of this series but cannot finish course 1 due to a timeout with one of the labs. The discussion forums for the other courses contain numerous posts with timeout issues that do not appear to have been resolved. For now it seems support for this series has been abandoned.

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The same in my case. Due to internal problems on the AWS side I couldn’t submit my notebook, that’s why I tried many times, because at first sight I thought that i was doing something wrong… A lot of others users had the same problem. Internal server problem has been resolved, but I have been abonded without possibility of pass the assigment… I’m disappointed …


I have same problem. Did anyone find the solution?

Same problem. Please help us to resolve, thanks.

Is there anyway to ask the money back? Quite frustrated how these issues have been treated by Coursera.

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I’m facing the same. Please let me know if anyone’s issue is resolved.

I reported discussed issue to the Coursera, but unfortunately they are “moving the ball” to the third-party vendor, and told me that I should report the problem, here … But have been doing it since 1st January 2022, without any results …

Their answer below…
" Hello Bartłomiej,

Thank You for contacting Coursera Support.

I am so sorry to know you are having issues with the Analyze Datasets and Train ML Models using AutoML Course assignment. In this case, let me explain to you that since this is a third-party tool or third-party content that you are using to complete the Course content you should get in touch with a Staff member of the Course (Or University mentors) since Coursera does not have the option to provide troubleshooting or either edit the Course content, unfortunately. And we would like to properly assist you, in this case, as Coursera Learner support services we are not content experts.

To reach to a Staff member or mentor inside the Course we recommend you to make a post on the Discussion Forums of the Course, so a staff member will reach to you or someone at the Discussion Forums can reach back to you as well this can take up to 10 days.

If you have more questions or something else We can help you with do not hesitate and contact us back.

Very best

Coursera Learner Services."

If the issue is not getting resolved from the technical side, I think the doing the following might work.

  • Move on to other courses for now. Then the 4 weeks for this course will expire. Then the ‘reset deadlines’ option will appear for this course. Doing that might reset the timeout too…
    Disclaimer: I am not from the developer( or technical team) from this course, so this is just a hunch.