I’m trying to complete week 4’s lab: Identifying Bias in Mortgage Data using Cloud AI Platform and the What-if Tool, and I’m currently getting this error:

Lab failed on Thu, 07 Jul 2022 15:32:01 -0400: Deployment Manager error: On [/deployments/qldm-24704536-4b044bca2cbb4696/resources/startup-vm]: ["{"ResourceType":"compute.v1.instance","ResourceErrorCode":"ZONE_RESOURCE_POOL_EXHAUSTED","ResourceErrorMessage":"The zone 'projects/qwikl… Any credits or tokens you used to start this lab have been refunded.

Any ideas what this could be about?


Have you tried picking another zone for the lab?

Hi, I’m not sure how to do that. I click the start lab button on the qwicklabs website and after 10 seconds I get the error message.

Please contact qwiklabs help via chat to resolve this.

Was support able to help? I am also getting this error both last night and right now, and there is not really any way to select zones from the intro page with the “start lab” button either.

Not really. The agent just mentioned that they are aware of the issue and have already escalated it to the team in charge. However, there is still no ETA, all we can do is wait for their email update.

They are not willing to do any extension too. My subscription is expiring today, looks like I will have to renew just for this 1 part if I want to get the certification. Such a waste since I have completed all the other courses

Yeah, I’m stuck as well. This is very annoying since it’s the only thing left for me to complete the course, and here I am, without help from neither cousera or qwiklabs.

It is working for me now

Hi! Where can I change the zone for the lab? I got this error message “ZONE_RESOURCE_POOL_EXHAUSTED” at the beginning when I clicked the “Start Lab” button.

If you don’t see the google cloud console page, qwiklabs help center is the way to go. Please see this link to set the default region if you have access to the cloud shell.

Thanks for your quick answer. Your suggestion only works if I can log in, but I can’t because “start labs” fails so I don’t have access to the google cloud console page.
I had a talk with the support, they said there is a bug and they are investigating it now. I hope they will find a fix soon.