1 week assignment problem!

[code removed - moderator]

I’m doing it over 2 hours and I don’t know what problem is…
I want you guys to check it… Thanks…!

hello there! I see you haven’t import keras from tensorflow. By the way, I’m not sure we are allowed to share our notebooks here. Maybe a screen capture will be enough. Good luck with your training!

Do anyone have correct code of week 1 assignment

Actually i am getting problem in week 1st assignment i am doing it from past 3-4 days but not able to solve it.

This hint is sufficient to solve the problem:

A module must be imported before using the definitions contained in it. Since tensorflow is imported as tf, use the reference to keras starting from tf or import the missing module / symbol explicitly.

If both the hints are unclear, please become familiar with python before moving forward. Good luck.