2 AssertionError: Error in test

Expected value

[‘MaxPooling2D’, (None, 8, 8, 8), 0, (8, 8), (8, 8), ‘same’]

AssertionError: Error in test

[‘MaxPooling2D’, (None, 64, 8, 1), 0, (8, 8), (8, 8), ‘same’]

I am not able to resolve this error please help @Mubsi

Looks like there’s an issue with how you made the network. Could you please tell me which week and assignment and exercise are you getting this error with?

Hey @AyushMundra, as communicated to you in one of your other posts, the more specific you are about your issues (which course, which week which assignment, where in the assignment), the better the chance is for the mentors to help you out.