2 weeks with error when grading the "Initialization" programming assignment

Hello! I need your support please, since 2 weeks ago I sent succesfully my Initialization programming assignment from the week 1, in the first attempt I got only 67/100 due to I deleted by error one line in a code cell, but after that I fixed that issue, then I sent again my assignment to the autograder and I got multiple times 100/100, nevertheless in the main section my submission is marked as “Failed”, and this is a big issue. I tried to fix it in multiple ways, such deleting the cache, sending my assignment in incognito mode, renamed my notebook and generate a new one with forceRefresh=true and then running again all, but nothing works!

Despite I have reported and open 2 tickets with the coursera support team since August 1st, I haven’t recieved a solution and this is very annoying, as a matter of fact I have even completed all the course and I cannot get my certificate of completion of the course due to this big error with the platform.

I have seen in some discussion forums in Coursera that similar issues about grading the programming assignments are happening with other people, but no one from the support team answer or try to support this requests, so at this point I don’t know what to do.

Anyone here that can give me support with this problem in order to get my certificate of the course and also the certiciate of completion of the specialization when I finish all the program? :confused:

Hi @Alejandro_Enrique_SV,

Yes, this has been happening lately.

Could you direct message me your email you use for coursera ? I’ll ask someone to take a look.


This same thing is happening to me