4 Week, two_layer_model

Hi, everyone,

I 've got this error, although I haven’t changed anything in the helper functions.
I cannot address exactly where the error is.

Hi @Moataz_Aboras!

Welcome to our community and thanks for reaching out to us!

It seems that you are passing wrong parameters somewhere within the equations. It might include the activation as well. Check the activation part for the forward and backward prop. The sequence should always be in order. And it is advisable not to use global variables anywhere in your graded function.

Hope, this little help will solve your query :slight_smile:


Hi, @Moataz_Aboras. You say that you have not changed anything in the in the helper functions. It sounds like you may be pasting cells from the previous assignment where you helped create them.

They are provided for you (but will not be exact matches of the functions from the previous assignment) with the from dnn_app_utils_v3 import * statement in the initial cell. No copy/pastes necessary. The next-to-last bullet point above the initial cell alerts one to that.

If so, remove the additional cells and see what happens.

done!! it works now, thanks!!