A doubt in Machine Learning

Actually, I’m just starting to learn AI.
The doubt is,whether I can only get one functional result by ‘one’ train.
E.g. I want to get a suitable house price by the size.I need to train AI with the input(size) and output(price).
In reverse,I want to get a suitable size by the house price.I need train AI with the input(house price) and output(size).
Therefore, I have this question in my study. Can only one functional result be obtained by training on very large data sets?

Many outputs can be obtained from a model (depending on type of model) but I dont think you can reverse the input/output unless the model was trained on both because the weights (information) learned corresponds to one process.

Reverse engineering could be possible but I am not sure its done anywhere in this context!

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ok,I got it,thank you!

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