A doubt in Week 2 Assigment - Transfer_learning_with_MobileNet

Dear Administrator,

Could you please guide me the following issue?

Week 2 Assignment - Transfer_learning_with_MobileNet_v1
— Section 3.2 - Layer Freezing with the Functional API
— Exercise 2 - alpaca_model

I choose to train the model with 5 epochs

I am supposed to get 5 values of loss, but actually get 11 values of loss when i print loss

*accuracy data is correctly recorded, 5 values in total.

May i know where does the other extra 6 loss values come from?

Thank you

Is this by any chance running for 11 epochs? What are you printing to get this lsit?

Dear Mr Gent Spahiu,

Thanks for your reminder, the extra values had gone when i restarted the assignment.