A farm robot which sprays pesticides only at the affected areas of a plant

Can someone please tell me how can I proceed with the image detection ?
What kind of camera will I require to detect the affected areas of the plant in order to apply image recognition in ‘real time’, as the robot moves?

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Well, there is no a right answer to that question. It will depends of your goals and desire outcomes.

But, in general, there is no need to get a camera or any sensors in your first prototype. You can use a video/image data to train your model and starting prototyping a image recognition machine learning system.

Then, when you model is ready to deploy, you can start searching what gear it is more suitable to your project.

Since it is sound like your questions is related to a edge machine learning system, there is some companies that provide some specific hardware and software.

Never the less, here is a example of edge A.I project that would be helpful in your journey:

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Hi @bhushanpatil

I did a quick research and find a paper that i think is quite related to your question.

I hope that’s help in your project.



@elirod Thanks a lot for your advice, this would save my lot of time.

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I’m glad to help