About rising questions from published papers related to deep learning

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I’m Gerie. I’m postgraduate student in Korea.

I like to rise some questions from a paper I used for my literature review. If it is possible, I will upload the parts of article tend me to critical questions. And, I’m awaiting your response about my issue. My question with that specific paper is related to cost function and target output in deep learning networks. And, the paper is published in IEEE.

Thanks a lot.

If it’s not related specifically to this course, probably a better place for the conversation would be an online discussion forum like stackexchange.

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Hi, Gerie.

Sure, it is fine to ask that type of question here, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide an answer if it is beyond the scope of the course materials. It’s been a while since I was an IEEE member, but (if my memory serves) they don’t always make the contents of the papers published in their technical journals public on the web. Please make sure to check the copyrights and “terms of use” before you post the contents of any papers here.

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Thank you, Sir, it is nice suggestion. I will check the terms of use too. Have a nice time.

Thank you, Sir, it is good question. Actually, I hope the content is related to the course. But I will double check my posted topic.