About U-Net Architecture example

Hi friend,

In the 1st slide below, it says I need to give a connection from the very early pic to the very end ( purple colored).
But in the 2nd slide, the example, it copies the very end to the front of the new layer which is created by trans conv (purple colored). From the 1st slide, I thought I needed to copy (or link) the very early pic (layer) NOT the very end one (sky blue color) .

can someone give me some idea about it? maybe I missed something. thank you.

It looks to me like the two drawings show the same thing - the second one just has more implementation detail.

in the 2nd picture. The purple link is the implementation. But I thought the blue link is the right one, since we need “original spatial information”.

Sorry, but I don’t understand how you’ve marked-up the image.
And I don’t see any “purple link”.

my bad, friend.

The 2nd pic. You see there are 2 colored arrows from left to the right?

I think you doubled-up this question on another thread, so I’ll close this one.

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