Accent on the prompt learning in the course

By my expirence and by opinion a lot of people in NLP, with which I had conversation, prompt learning to llm from the box can be enough for at least 50% of tasks.

You have just one place where you hint on it — Hugging Face labs. It would be nice to say more obvious about this in NLP courses. I think it would be pertinentely to add courses like this or this to your NLP courses.

Hi @someone555777

You’re right. However, understanding what happens behind the scenes allows for better performance optimization, issue diagnosis, and the most important of all: innovation.

I agree. But I didn’t feel myself ready for real NLP problems solutions after the course — this is not ok. Your approaches are exessive for a lot of tasks.

Also, would be good to mention what data structure to use for different tasks, if I am free to choose it when collect the data.

Also, I think the big space in your course — that you don’t introduce us with any label systems. I think, we should start each of courses (that are connected to specific type of tasks) from it. For example — Label Studio is good one to mention. They have good interface at least for classification and ner tasks.