Accessing the 'provided' functions for better understanding

I’ve completed week 1, and am reviewing parts of the programming assignments again to follow the sequence of steps within the functions. Would it be possible to see what the code for the provided functions is, out of interest? For example, in the ‘Exercise 3 - optimize’ in the dinosaurs assignment, three functions are implemented for us. I’m guessing that these functions are fairly similar to the ones we implemented in the first assignment (Building an RNN step-by-step), but I’d still like to see the code for them if that’s possible. Thanks!

Exactly which function names are you asking about?
You can view the utility function by opening the “Files” menu from inside the notebook.

I was referring to all the utility functions, yes, and was able to find them where you’d indicated - thank you!

For future reference, there is also a topic about this on the DLS FAQ Thread. Since this was news to you, it’s pretty likely you would find other useful info in the FAQ.