Add fog/rain to images

I want to add fog/rain to images/videos using gans
I am thinking of using conditional GAN
Any advice would be helpful.

Hey @Ayazzia01,
If you are well aware of the concept behind Conditional GANs and how to use them, then I guess you have all you need, apart from a dataset in which you have samples of images and/or videos with and without nature effects such as fog, mist, rain, etc.

Also, if you can find a pre-trained model which when input with images/videos having rain, fog, mist, etc outputs their counter-parts without these nature effects, then it could be super helpful for you. In this case, all you need is samples with these effects, and you can pass these samples to the pre-trained model to get their counterparts without the effects, and you will obtain a paired dataset. Let me know if this helps.