Agents and tools with local llms

is it possible to create a multiple tools agent with a local llm? all the examples i’m seeing online are all with Chat models which requires an API key (Mistral, Cohere, etc.).
Otherwise any recommandation of another method to accomplish the same goal ?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mo_ayeb

Yes, you can! Choose your models (from HuggingFace, etc.), set them up locally, integrate them into your application, manage responses, test thoroughly, and deploy.

I’m also willing to hear other people’s ideas!

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Hello @Alireza_Saei,

yeah i did that even with Ollama but for simple application like RAG ,
in my case i’m trying to create an Agent with multiple tools, and i’m finding issues, the base models from HuggingFace or Ollama apparently doesn’t have bind_tools method so they can’t be used in this context, what can be used is chat models like ChatMistralAI which requires an API key :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: