AI and operating systems

What if AI is incorporated with the operating systems we use? Though at present Al is used through operating systems but my question is if AI controlled operating system is possible?

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Yes it is possible to builds a program that can learn as time goes on, after all this is what AI’s purpose is. Is it easy to do, probably needs a big team, a lot of investment and hopefully there is a market for it.


It will be interesting to see these AI operated OS used in areas such as apartments, houses, roads , security and other various infrastructures that will change the lifestyle of people.

In this infant period AI may be limited to doing tasks within the internet. In my view, it will be further developed and incorporated into various machines making them smart and functional to the ways we never imagined.

The way people have been experiencing life is going to drastically change. So I guess development of AI will always correlate to development of human race. This might be one great revolution that may affect human life with insane discoveries,possibilities and opportunities along with its weaknesses, threats and problems it may generate!

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