AI based technical puzzle app

Hi Friends,
I have following high level idea.

I am thinking of developing AI/Machine learning based industry standard puzzle system (Web app) where in students/software engineers can take these puzzles (Once daily or multiple and beginner/intermediate/advance level) in the area of data science, machine learning, java, python etc. 

Now companies/employers looking for lets say python developers or machine learning engineer can simply come to app and browse the list of these people (filter by zip code, expertise level, expertise are etc. ) and contact them for job/freelancing work etc. 

This way, employers can quickly and easily find experts in particular area without relying on just resumes or linked in profile etc. and candidates can easily land jobs/freelancing work.

Please let me know your thoughts if idea is workable. 

Also, To accomplish this, we will need two things

  1. We need to train/fine tune LLM to ask and evaluate the puzzles (in data science, python, java etc.)

  2. Web app as an interface.

    Please let me know your thoughts, suggestion.