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I’m currently studying to become a data scientist. I’ve been studying and building skills, working on projects pretty intensely for the past 9 months.

In terms of technology, I’m well versed in Python for data manipulation and extraction. I’m familiar with some of the common open source machine learning libraries including TensorFlow, XGBoost and SKLearn. I’m also at an intermediate level with SQL and looking to expand into Pyspark soon.

I’m currently studying Mathmatics for Machine Learning and Data Science. After this course, I plan to get a data science nanodegree to show competency on the fundamental data science skills.

If anyone is going through a similar journey and would like to collaborate or share observations and insights, I’m totally open for those discussion, very relaxed about that.

I wish everyone success in their learning journey!


This is a bit confusing. Your post is letter for letter exactly like one from another student five hours ago.

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