AI courses

I have completed course " AI for Everyone" and now taking " Generative AI for Everyone", can any one guide that what is correct order of courses to learn AI form beginning to advance.


I recommend:

  • Math for Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Specialization
  • Deep Learning Specialization

Then you can branch out into whichever specialty areas you have particular interest.


thanks bro

Is there any course you can recommend to try the stuff we learnt? In particular it woul be great on how to get an open source LLM running and do some basic fine tuning. Then try to automate some simple tasks. :slight_smile:

Sorry, not from me, I’m not active in this area.

Hi Jorg,
I strongly recommend ‘Generative AI with Large Language Models.’ There you can put what you learned into practice, including fine-tuning of well-known open-source llms, reinforcement learning wigh human feedback, practical considerations when dealing with llms.

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Wow, great! This is very helpuful! Thank you very much :slight_smile: