AI-Driven threat Intelligence for third party risk management

Hello everyone,
I am doing my end-of-year study internship about AI-Driven threat Intelligence for third party risk management. It’s basically the creating of an AI model to make an automated due diligence about companies in different areas from financial stability to geographical and geopolitical risks. And I am kinda stuck with finding an appropriate dataset for this and how to choose the right model for this.
And thank you in advance for your help.

I see a couple of issues.

  • Finding a dataset will be problematic.
  • Lack of specific goals. What output do you want your model to generate?

Yes, I agree.
I have spent a lot of time searching and no clue so far xd.
The output is basically to give a score for each risk in the due diligence process let’s say you have a dataset containing the financial data of a company(profitability - liquidity - solvency - overall financial stability…)the model will predict the financial risk of such company