AI Price Prediction Oracle for Stock and Web3

Good morning to everyone and happy new year !
Since I find this community a home i want to have your opinion on a project that I m about to start internally and where i will really need some help. I work in Crypto since early days and i saw both in stock and crypto the need of guidance in the decisions specially for traders.

So I decided autonomously to start develop a web3 (is just because is easy to market after) app that will offer the users a series of parameters that at the moment are missing. Is not just a problem of price forecasting because in the reality is not just that. In reality you need to predict at least 6 factors to then establish a strategy.

RSI zone
FIB (here i will have to translate my manual design into data)
Possible next resistance/support

Here Time Series gonna be a key factor.
I already prepared the data from API, once i retrieve the data i also inject inside it various elements including RSI, Rolling Windows, Lags, Days of the week, upper trend line, lower trend line and so on.

I also set up the data cleaning, filling (it should not be necessary), normalizing and so on.

I have already prepared few notebooks and it will be very cool to brainstorm with other members about how to proceed.

Is an object that in this moment not exist and if so like LINK is a mess and demonstrate that is useless. Maybe, if this is in line with the community rules i can also set a google meet or a zoom with someone of you and chit chat about the project. There are no secrets but instead of do just LSTM like everyone do i want to experiment with other models including Transformers.
The project is a real world one and can be also a very good portfolio one since (if is gonna work) it will become a real product.

Let’s chit chat about it :slight_smile: I think this is the only place with real ML enthusiast and with a constructive conversation about it i bet i will get the right direction since the beginning.

Maybe someone wanna join me.

Let me know what u think about it. And if this is not in the community rules i apologize from now and i will take the message down asap.

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Tnks a lot @TMosh !!

Thanks @TMosh !