Album breaking application

What would be a great way to approach making a application that takes music album as input and outputs it into seperate songs. (Ability to detect when sound ends).

HI @Sprihanjay_Banik

The best way to deal with any sounds is sequence Models which is the start of Natural language processing(NLP) I thinks this link is about sound model will help you Machine Learning on Sound and Audio data | Towards Data Science and My personal advice after you completed this specialization start with deep learning specialization there you will learn more about deep learning models and also about sounds models and how to deal with it


I think that’s more of a simple audio processing task, I don’t see much need for machine learning.

Hello @Sprihanjay_Banik,

I agree with Tom’s comment, but no matter how you do it, you probably want to first identify the characteristics of the “end of song”. If that’s very stable and unique, then it’s unlikely requiring any ML. I also find many online discussions when googled “detecting end of song”, and I think you might also want to give that a try too!

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