Alpaca_model Error in test

Good day. I have problems taking the test:

Test failed
Expected value

[‘Functional’, (None, 5, 5, 1280), 2257984]

does not match the input value:

[‘Functional’, (None, None, None, 1280), 2257984]

AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last)
10 [‘Dense’, (None, 1), 1281, ‘linear’]] #linear is the default activation
—> 12 comparator(summary(model2), alpaca_summary)
14 for layer in summary(model2):

~/work/W2A2/ in comparator(learner, instructor)
21 “\n\n does not match the input value: \n\n”,
22 colored(f"{a}", “red”))
—> 23 raise AssertionError(“Error in test”)
24 print(colored(“All tests passed!”, “green”))

AssertionError: Error in test

I have no idea what to do next.
Thank you for your time


Are you facing this error while doing your assignment on the Coursera website or on your local computer?


On the Coursera website
Thanks for the answer

It looks like one of your “layers” does not have the correct parameters. You can see what it should be by examining the variable alpaca_summary, which the code is comparing to your model2 output. Which layer is the one that disagrees? That should tell you where to look for the error.

If you look, that “Functional” layer corresponds to the base_model. When you invoke the TF function that returns base_model, did you specify the input shape? You need to fill in the appropriate values for all the places where it says “None”, right?

Good day. I didn’t really use “input_shape” and applied a “sigmoid” function instead of a ‘linear’ one.
Thank for your time.