Amazon´s Delivery Drivers versus Automated Management


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Don´t miss out on the latest issue of The Batch, the story behind Amazon´s new automated management system. Some delivery drivers fired by Amazon contend that the retailer’s automated management system played an unfair role in terminating their employment.

What’s new: Drivers in Amazon Flex, an Uber-like program that enables independent drivers to earn money delivering the company’s packages, said the program downgraded their performance unjustly and terminated them without warning, Bloomberg reported.

Why it matters: Organizations increasingly rely on algorithms to help make decisions that impact peoples’ lives, including who gets a bank loan, a job, or jail time. Public backlash has led to proposals like the Algorithmic Accountability Act, which would require the U.S. government to develop rules that mitigate algorithmic bias and provide ways for citizens to appeal automated decisions.

We’re thinking: All algorithms are prone to some degree of error. At a company the size of Amazon, even a tiny error can have a large impact. Every effort should be made to audit such systems for fairness, make sure the tradeoffs between flexibility and efficiency are transparent and treat individuals with compassion and respect.

Is Amazon´s automated management system helping or harming Amazon? :truck: :truck: :truck:
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