Any difference between llama_guard, code_llama and llama helper functions

Dont know as i read the code if there is any significant difference between these functions defined in— So why dont use the same function, seems a little bit confusing…

If you need to change the model used, llama has a model parameter that you can change and use the model you need in every lesson ( llama2 most of the lessons, code_llama in lesson Code llama and llama_guard in LLama Guard Lesson.

In following posts id update the code to be used in local for testing purposes instead of using ( as many people cant use, specially students)


ps. Seems nobody here is answering questions, perhaps too early

The files seem quite similar, and could easily be combined into one utility file.

I would guess that the slightly different content is due to how the course was developed, rather than as a deliberate design decision.