Artificial General intelligence can rule the world in future?

Artificial General intelligence can rule the world in future?

Can it move the sun and the planets and the stars and the galaxy, what do you think?

gent.spah It cannot move because it can works under the sun not move to other planets ,stars and over the galaxy.

So the conclusion is…?

gent.spah AI can work in earth only ,not work on other galaxies and stars.

Hi @nithish_kannan ,

We are custodians of this planet earth. Each and everyone should pay their part in keeping this earth functioning well. This includes how we use our knowledge and skills to build systems that help improve our way of living, making it a better place to live and thrive for everyone and every living being. There is no place for Artificial General Intelligence as a tool for oppression and such ambition should be stamp out by the AI community.

I hope as you gain more knowledge and skills in AI, do bear in mind how you would contribute to make this planet earth a better place for everyone. The ‘AI for Good’ specialization pays heavy emphasis on the ‘Do no harm’ principle. I strongly recommend you to take that specialization and broaden your view on the technology.