Artificial Intelligence has covered with Python?

I want to know, Artificial Intelligence is covered with python

No, c++ is much powerful than python


Cpp has different use cases and yes i agree its powerful than python but ML libraries are generally built using Python cause its more efficient that way
These libraries may use Cpp under the hood but they are used and also majorly written in Python
Some examples being Tensorflow,Pytorch,Sklearn

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Mayank Ghogale

That may well be a true statement, but I think the answer to this question requires a bit more nuance than that.

In the big picture, python is the major language that is used for applying ML/DL/AI to build systems that solve real problems. So there’s no way you can play in this space without being pretty well versed in python. E.g. all the specializations from DeepLearning.AI use python as the implementation language. So the high level point is that there is no way you can avoid python and any time you spend learning it will not be wasted. Note that almost everyone who is building ML/DL solutions uses some framework like TensorFlow/Keras or PyTorch or many others to put together their solutions and all those platforms provide python interfaces. What actually happens at run time is that most of the cpu intensive activity happens down in the TF or Torch code and even in libraries below that which may well be implemented in C++ or even assembly language in the case of things like Linear Algebra libraries that talk to the GPUs. But you as the programmer specify what you want in python.

Then the next level question is whether you also need to learn other languages. The answer there depends on what your goals are. If you want to be a researcher and develop new algorithms and add them to the internals of TF or PyTorch or the equivalent, then you probably will need to learn C++ and other languages. If you only want to build solutions using such a framework, you may well be able to get by with just being very good with python.


Thanks very much, I want try something with IOT devices.

I am not that well versed with IOT and I think @paulinpaloalto sir can address that better
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Mayank Ghogale

Python is supported on a pretty wide range of devices, including IOT devices. Particularly if you are using something like Raspberry PI, you’ve got full linux, including python.