Assertion Error C1_W2_Linear_Regression (UNQ_C1)

I keep getting this error even when the output is correct:


@aniziocp You’ll find the compute_cost_test function in the file under Lab Files. You can check the test for Case 2 and trace the issue with the code.

I had to refresh my notebook for that to work

Please ignore my question. I found the problem :grinning:

Hello, I am still facing the issue even though when I reset the kernel. The assertion error is that cost function has to be “0”, but it is matching with the expected output and same problem is in the exercise 2 also. The output is matching with the expected output, but assertion error is coming. Because of this I am unable to pass the assignment.

Hello @praveen_raj1,

Welcome to the community! Please be noted that you need to post the full error traceback that the jupyter notebook responded to the problemetic code. We need to see that error traceback.

From your description, your error is not identical to this thread’s, and it is also that the thread was 11 months old, so things could have changed over time. Therefore, I will close this thread, but please open a new thread for your question and along with the full error traceback.

Lastly, if the public test expects your work to return a value of 0 but your work didn’t, then it is also possible that there is bug in your work or you didn’t implement it fully complied with the requirement of the assignment. Before opening a new thread, you might want to double check your work.