Assertion error in Exercise 1 - C5 W2 A2

Hello all,
I know this question was asked and answered before but I can’t seem to solve the issue with my code.
In exercise 1 I’m getting the following error: AssertionError: Check that you are finding the 4 words.

In step 1 I have created a dictionary of lower case words from the split sentence. Then, initialized avg to be a zero vector with the same shape as any_word. Count is initialized to 0.
In step 2 I looped over w in the dictionary and checked that w is in the any_word list, I added the mapped w to the average and increased count by 1. Finally I calculated the average by dividing by the count.

I checked that no indentation is present before the the final if (per previous posts).

Any hints are much appreciated.

P.S. I refrained from copying my code and explained what I did instead, hope this is fine, if it is not, I can delete the explanation.

“any_word” is a list with only one word. It is only used for setting the initial size of the average.

The goal is to loop over the words in the sentence, and check if each word is in the dictionary.

I did not explain myself well, I did loop w over the words in the sentence, then, I checked that w is in any_word.

No, that’s a bad idea. “any_word” contains only one word. You need to check if the word ‘w’ is in the dictionary.
“any_word” is not a dictionary.

Got it now! Thanks! I changed the line as hinted and I passed the tests.