AssertionError: ERROR. You selected the sagemaker-data-scien-ml-m5-2xlarge-58ec53cbfb4afb44281d61bdec8c instance type. Please select instance-datascience-ml-m5-2xlarge instead

I am running cell #2 in the Week-1 Lab. I get the assertionerror

Any idea how to fix this?

Hi I’m getting this same error, please let me know if you have found any solution.

Hi Anto and Roopa! It looks like that test needs to be updated. As long as you see ml-m5-2xlarge in the string for instance_type_current (as shown on the screenshot), it should be fine to skip that step. You can run the next cells and ignore the error. You will only have a problem if it shows something different (e.g. ml-t3-medium). I’ll alert the team to update this. Thanks!

Thank you @chris.favila . Yes, I figured out that, that particular step is not really needed to go through the exercise. I was able to complete the lab.

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Great! Glad to hear that. I already submitted a ticket to our team so other learners won’t run into the same issue. Thanks and hope you enjoy the rest of the course!