Assignement housing price probleme


I don’t know why or if I am doing the right thing but I can’t open the notebook when pressing on the launch notebook button. It redirect me on to a blank page.

Please try these:

  1. Logout and then Login
  2. Clear the browser’s cache
  3. Use Chrome (if not using)
  4. Use private or incognito window
  5. Use different device

Let me know if any of these do not solve your issue.



Thank you very much for your fast reply, I have try everything that you told me and it only work in private navigation.
Thank you very much have a good day.

If it works in a private window, then clearing the browser’s cache would resolve the issue for a regular window.

I tried but it didn’t work.

Maybe it will work after some time.

Try adjusting any ad or popup blockers in your browser.

Also, what browser are you using?

I am using google, but its okay i can use the private navigation for the courses thank you very much for.your concern but its okay.