Assignment submission error

Hello! When I tried to submit my assignment, “Your First GAN” in Build Basic Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), week 1, it gives me the following error.

Cell #7. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘\nFound no NVIDIA driver on your system. Please check that you\nhave an NVIDIA GPU and installed a driver from\nOfficial Drivers | NVIDIA’,)

My code works, as you see in the file attached to this post. This error depends by your computer.
Please help me solve it. Thank you

It looks like you have something in your code that is expecting the code to be run on a GPU. When you’re running yourself, this is fine, since the development environment is set up to use a GPU (intentionally, since it’s faster, saving you time). BUT, the grader runs using only a CPU, which is why you see this error only when you submit to the grader.

You can check your code for anywhere that sets device=‘cuda’ (which means to use the GPU). There is one expected place in the Training section where this is set intentionally for when you are training, but you shouldn’t be setting it anywhere else, and you shouldn’t edit that line in any way since the grader needs to be able to find that line and disable it before grading your assignment.

There’s a more detailed explanation about this here: C1W1 Grader Error "Found no NVIDIA driver on your system."

Thank you. Now “Found no NVIDIA driver on your system” dosn’t appear anymore.

I get “Cell #7. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: <HTTPError 403: ‘Forbidden’>” instead.

How can I solve it? It appears even in C1W3 and C1W4 of this course.
I tried change internet connection but it doesn’t work. I think it is a problem server related.

That usually means you’ve (maybe accidentally) edited something outside of the part of the assignment you were supposed to edit, which can throw off the grader.

You can tell which cell is Cell #7, if you open your assignment and choose “Restart and run all” from the “Kernel” menu. The cell that has the “In [7]:” in front of it is cell #7.

If you can’t see anything in the cell that you might have edited or you’re not sure how to put it back exactly as it was, then the best thing to do is to refresh your assignment workspace with a brand new copy of the assignment and copy your code into the new copy.

Instructions for refreshing your assignment workspace:

  1. O​pen the notebook from the classroom.
  2. After the notebook opens up, c​lick File → Open
  3. W​hen your workspace opens, tick the check box before your notebook file. After it is selected, press Shutdown. The icon beside the filename should turn from green to gray.
  4. Tick the checkbox again and this time choose Rename and enter any filename other than the original. For example, C4W1_Assignment.ipynb (original) → C4W1_Assignment_old.ipynb
  5. Click on the Help button on the top right of the page.
  6. Click the Get latest version button.
  7. Click the Update Lab button. The page will refresh and you should now see the latest version of the notebook.
  8. Copy your code from the #### START CODE HERE #### … #### END CODE HERE #### sections of your old copy into the new, updated version of the notebook.

Thank you so much. I edited the same line of code in every assignment, changing the download option to False. I originally set it to True because I thought I had to download the files I needed.
Now that I restored the original code, everything works, and I am able to submit my assignments.
Thank you so much @Wendy

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