Assignment submission issue. Learner Error: Grader timed out

Hi, my AutoGrader keeps sending me an error message saying my assignment has grader timed-out error. I can’t get points from my submission. I checked that I didn’t add any extra cells or modify anything on the notebook. Can someone help me with it?

Hi @Ziyun_Wu

Make sure that your solutions do not take too much time. For example, you might have a very inefficient solution that could be enough to pass unit test, but to go through the whole dataset might be too much.

There are a lot of places that you could have got it wrong (there are a lot of loops in this Assignment). I would suggest to try to inspect if one or more of your solutions suspiciously takes a lot of time. Also, make use of the ungraded labs where you can find almost of all of the code that you need.


Hi @arvyzukai


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