Assingment not being graded

My week-1 assingment is not being graded it shows an unexpected error what to do

Hi @Akash_Deep2

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Did you pass all the tests? If so, please check for these. If not, let us know where you stalled.


Hi there! My assignment also has grader issues. I check for all the points and I am still stalled.

The grader found global variables inside graded functions. Please avoid using global variables in your functions.

This seems to be the problem. All the test cases in the notebook seem to work and I checked the code line by line to see if there are any global variable usage inside the functions and I can’t find any. The grader shows zero for all the segments and my score is 0/80. Can someone please help me?

Hi @hephzibah_2918

Please re-check for Vocab vs vocab_dict usage (for example, in UNQ_C1 and UNQ_C2) and len(Vocab) vs vocab_size (for example, in UNQ_C5) since these are the most common mistakes in Course 3 Week 1.

If you double-checked and still have the problem, you can private message me your notebook (how to download).

As far as I checked, I have not used global variables in my code. I’ve messaged you the notebook, can you please take a look?

Issue resolved. Thanks to this post.

Thank you @arvyzukai.