AttributeError: module 'utils' has no attribute 'find_category_and_product_only'

Must be missing something obvious. My code, copied into Jupyter Lab from the course playground, isn’t finding the correct

I’ve read this thread and this thread, but I can’t File Open any ‘…/…/’.

Could someone please post a direct link to the necessary file? Thanks.

File===open===you will find here the notebook and other necessary files.

Is this the menu? What am I missing?

You have to open the File menu when you have the notebook running on DLAI’s server. Then you can download the files using its File menu.

It will look something like this (this example is from the Llama 2 course, but the others are similar).


When you select a checkbox, you’ll get a “Download” tool button.


Oh my. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (at myself).

Thank you!