AWS says I exceeded the limit

Hello, I completed the first lab in the course and followed the instructions to submit it. But it never was submitted. Now I’m trying to log back in to do it again and it says that my AWS account has exceeded the $20 dollar limit!

Thank you!

Patrick Hearin Ph.D.

Hi @Patrick_Hearin

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I will assume that you are referring to the GenAI course.

Please, don’t forget to post on the right category. it is very import and it is the only way that mentors be aware of the issues and be able to help all the learners in a proper way.

I will move your post to the right space.

Don’t forget to check our guidelines before posting.

Now, regards this issue, please fill this form so the platform team could refresh your lab.

Thanks for reporting this.

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Hey sorry, I just saw similar posts and posted in the current category…

In the future I will post correctly!

I will also review the guidelines.

I’m talking about the LLM course.

I appreciate it!

Patrick Hearin Ph.D.

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