Has anyone tried AzureChatOpenAI instead of ChatOpenAI?

I seem to get inconsistent results given AzureChatOpenAI.

Here are two examples:

  1. In lesson 2 (memory), the model generates a complete set of conversation between AI and human and not just reply as AI! The result of this run: conversation.predict(input=“How are you?”)

  2. In lesson 3 (chains), the destinations are not chosen! For example, for the last question, I get an answer that "Received invalid destination chain name ‘biology’ ", while biology is not in the list and ‘default’ must be chosen. The code running is:“Why does every cell in our body contain DNA?”)

Is this inconsistency related to the Azure ChatGPT 3.5 model or is it universal, meaning even related to the original OpenAI 3.5 model?

Thank you