Background Ratio

Hi I am not getting how to calculate background ratio.

In Hint it is said that
" * To check the ratio of background to the whole sub-volume, the numerator is the number of background labels in the sub-volume. The last dimension of the label array at index 0 contains the labels to identify whether the voxel is a background (value of 1) or not a a background (value of 0)."

But since label has 3 dimension I am not understanding how to calculate numerator and denominator.

Hi @mohit,

Can you share your lab ID with me ? In the assignment, when you click the top right “Help” button, a panel will open and your lab ID will be shown at the bottom.

I shall take a look.

When you reply back, kindly tag me in the post so that I’m notified.


Hi @Mubsi I later ( after posting question) tried some index guesses to work and one of them gave right answer but I did not understand why it is correct. Please can you also provide explanation for it.

Lab Id - ftkmlkkg

Hi @mohit,

Your background ratio was incorrect. You can see more about it in your assignment, I have corrected it for you.
This is a tricky part in the assignment, I’ll see how I can make it more easy for the learners.


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